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Berchem Sport

At the start of the 2019-2020 football season, Koninklijke Berchem Sport opened its new stands, built in the shadows of the remains of the Ludo Coeck Stadium. The new steel structures now serve as seats and terraces in the stands and were completely covered with perforated AP profiles. Thanks to a smart assembly method, these profiles are also easy to disassemble for further extensions.

Berchem Sport is the third long-standing club in Antwerp, with a rich history of glorious achievements. Given the poor and outdated condition of the Ludo Coeck stadium, there was an urgent need for new stands to breathe new life into the atmosphere during matches. 

In addition to numerous other planned investments, the club opted to prioritise the construction of new stands with seats and terraces. Both stands were constructed as a steel structure, so that they can be easily and quickly expanded in the future.  AP 3-50 MAW profiles were chosen as floor covering. These profiles provide an extra firm grip in wet conditions and freezing temperatures, while water is easily drained away thanks to down-punched drainage holes. 

For the time being, the club will continue to play in the shadows of the historic seating stand. A brand new sports complex will be built here in the near future and the steel seating stand will be easy to disassemble. In short, an ideal interim solution.  

Staco products used

Staco perfo planks type AP

Technical information

Staco perfo planks type AP 3-50 MAW, hot dip galvanized       


Berchem, BE


Fencing & partitioning

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