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The first phase of the brand new shopping and office complex along the motorway in Roeselare has just been completed. On behalf of Steenoven in Roeselare, Staco was allowed to apply its patented Jettydeck product in the form of a self-supporting terrace structure. The white lacquered sub-profiles provide a soothing integration into the modern steel structure, while the wooden cladding gives the light-coloured design just enough character.

R.Plaza is a large-scale building complex in Roeselare, consisting of new shops and offices, destined to become an important commercial axis in West Flanders. A first block was completed at the end of 2019.

The concept is a welcome relief in the work area by strengthening the engagement to relaxation and well-being. A light-coloured and modern design was chosen to achieve this. At the front of the building, the floors have a spacious continuous balcony. 

Since the structure was made of steel and the client opted for a wooden terrace, Staco’s patented Jettydeck product turned out to be the ideal solution! Staco ensured a seamless connection of 380 m² of white lacquered, perforated sub-profiles, which in turn were fitted with 145x21 mm wooden inlays. Thanks to the versatility of the profiles, they were doubled at a height of 45 mm to provide sufficient load-bearing capacity for the large 2-metre spans.

The combination of steel and wood makes this product easy to assemble and easy to integrate into a steel concept. Here, contemporary and characterful design was supplemented with an aesthetic hit.

Staco products used

Staco perfo planks type AP Jettydeck 

Technical information

Staco perfo planks type AP 3-50 MAW, hot dip galvanized, powdercoated and completed with wooden planks


Roeselare, BE



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